Counseling . . . can help you with any issue which interferes with your happiness and your ability to handle  your daily responsibilities - anxiety, depression, anger, grief, relationships or fear.

All ages . . . can benefit from counseling.  Children with behavior problems or anxiety.  Teens as they find their own way. Young adults w
ith career problems or moving out on their own.  Dating situations.  Young families with overwhelming responsibilities.  Blended families as they strive to create a new family and determine what their new role ​​is.  Empty nesters who feel a loss with children moving on.  Couples as they handle the various stresses on their relationship.

Grief and loss . . . is experienced by everyone at some time.  The loss of health, a child, a spouse, a parent or even a pet can be difficult to get past.  Many friends and family members don't know what to say to one who is hurting.  Unresolved grief can cause physical problems and depression.

Couples counseling . . . can help save a marriage.  It can assist with communication problems.  It can teach you how to fight fair and how to compromise.​​​​​  Counseling can help you move past and heal the hurts and disappointments.  You will learn new coping techniques.

Aging issues . . . ​​as your parents get older and more frail.  Most individuals don't know how to handle the situation.  I can assist you in addressing the multiple problems of the elderly.  I can provide information regarding programs that can help your parents keep their independence. (In home visits for homebound clients available.)

Court-ordered . . . I will work with the courts in providing anger management or addiction counseling.  I have established programs that will help you achieve your goals and meet the requirements of the court. I submit the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. ​​  

Anger Management . . . I have created an eight-week ​​program in order to provide you with individual one-on-one sessions to help address the issues that fuel your anger. 

Supervision . . . is offered to individuals working toward their LPC.  I can also provide additional ​​information regarding area resources for you and your clients.